Dr. Corey E. Tarwater (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Tarwater has 15+ years experience working in tropical forests. Her research combines in-depth knowledge of animal behavior combined with creative and advanced statistical modeling to understand how populations and communities respond to large and fine-scale environmental change. Dr. Tarwater holds a Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and a M.S. from the same university in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. She earned her B.S. in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology from U.C. Davis. She is a native of Encinitas, CA and has two kids that she enjoys outdoor activities with and that come with her on her field adventures


Sam Case (Ph.D. student)

Sam is intrigued by plant-animal interactions within changing forest ecosystems. Particularly, he is curious about how functional traits vary within communities composed of native and non-native species, and how novel species interactions accelerate or hinder invasion processes. For Sam's Ph.D. research, he is studying the role of introduced game birds in seed dispersal networks of Hawaiian forests. This work is part of the Hawaii VINE Project, a larger investigation of seed dispersal networks in novel ecosystems in Hawaii.


Laura Gomez-Murillo (M.S. student)

Laura is interested in how the birds that follow army-ant swarms vary across the precipitation and fragmentation gradient in Panama (PLUMAS Project). She investigates how communities of army ant-followers vary across this gradient and what influences the costs and benefits of attending swarms. Although she began her MS research in January 2019, Laura has been working on the PLUMAS, Limbo, and VINE projects since 2014. Laura is from Medellin, Colombia.


Elizabeth Howard (undergraduate student)

Liz is a new student in the lab who just recently received a WRSP grant. She is interested in avian ecology and is currently exploring different opportunities in the lab. Liz came to us from Omaha, Nebraska.