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The PLUMAS (Precipitation and Land-Use effects on Multiple Avian Species) Project investigates the impacts of forest fragmentation and local climatic variation on bird species in Panama. Forest fragmentation and climate together may pose underappreciated threats in tropical bird species, and particularly in the more vulnerable understory birds. Panama PLUMAS has multiple projects which are being conducted on tropical forest birds along a fragmentation-rainfall gradient (22 sites) across the Isthmus of Panama. Using a variety of bird species, we are investigating everything from demography, sexual and natural selection, physiological variation, and cellular aging.

Funding sources:

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Dr. Patrick Kelley (University of Wyoming)

Dr. Dylan Maddox (Field Museum of Natural History) website

Dr. Jeff Foster (Northern Arizona University, NAU): lab website

Dr. Luke Powell (Smithosonian Migratory Bird Center) lab website

Dan Albrecht-Mallinger (Ph.D. student, University of Wyoming)



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