Our lab strongly believes in giving back to the communities we work in, increasing diversity in science, and working with k-12 students. To that end, we are engaged in numerous outreach activities.

Hawaii VINE Project

Our team of field technicians and crew leader has conducted over 100 events, reaching approximately 800 students. Our team has volunteer with the Kamehameha schools, Bishop Museum, YMCA, other k-12 schools on Oahu, OANRP, and Waimea Valley. This work ranges from teaching workshops on the science we do, giving students hands-on experience, to pulling invasive plants and setting up fences.


Links to some of these amazing groups:

  • Bishop Museum: Beautiful exhibits on Hawaii, good bird specimens, and great people.

  • Waimea Valley: If you ever are on Oahu, you should check out this amazing place. Sam has his bird aviaries there and will be doing outreach at Waimea.

  • OANRP: group of people that work very hard trying to get rid of invasives and help native species



In addition to always having a highly diverse crew, we have organized volunteer field courses for undergraduates, high school students, and elementary school kids.

Laramie, Wyoming, USA

​In and around Laramie: In fall 2016 we spent an entire semester (going every 2 weeks) working with the local Ecology high school class teaching them about the scientific method and tropical ecology. Every lab member participated and one of our undergrads, Erika, was in charge of coordinating the efforts. In 2016, Corey, Erika, and Sarah did a workshop with the Girl Scouts as well.

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